Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Create a Reading Routine

Image Credit: Readlaloud.org
One way to incorporate reading into your busy life is to build it into your nightly bedtime routine.

When I was young and my mom would read me a story before bed. I remember feeling so excited about the stories we would read -- lots of Berenstain Bears and many other wonderful children's books. After getting ready for bed, my mom and I would snuggle next to each other and she would sweetly read me. I had so much fun finding out what Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Sister and Brother Bear were up to. Mom always had the perfect voice for each of the characters and to this day, I believe that no one else can read them as good as her.

Our nightly routine fostered my love of reading and a positive attitude towards literacy (also I was more compliant about getting ready for bed with this wonderful routine!). I hold those times of reading with my mom dear to my heart. Reading a book to a child is not a chore, but a time to create long lasting beautiful memories.

For new parents, caregivers or educators. I want to share this great website I found that has a suggested nightly routine schedule: Establishing a Bedtime Routine on Parents.com

Perhaps reading at night doesn't fit into your schedule or even your preferred routine, but this is just one way you can get more reading time in with your child/children. This routine is not only important for Pre-K children but throughout their elementary years. 

Readaloud.org suggests spending 15 minutes per day reading aloud with your children. Whether this is at bedtime or some time of the day. I urge you to make this effort. All of the minutes you spend reading with your children positively affects their learning development and attitudes about reading. Plus, it's a great way for you to bond with your child. Check out readloud.org 's awesome graphic on their campaign for all parents/caregivers/guardians to read with children 15 minutes per day.

What book will you read with your child today?

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