Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Reading

This morning...

This was how my morning started out and rest of the day was quite similar. While waiting for a repairman to come to our house, I sat on the couch and read. Since the repairman did not show up till much later I ended up reading all day, which was lovely. I want to finish the book I'm reading, Radical by Michelle Rhee (fantastic!) soon as I have one on hold at the library. Ah.... a day of reading and with a sweet kitty. Friday has been good.

Did you read today? If so, where? Or are you planning to later?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm reading "Cutting" by Steven Levenkron. I'm not a self-mutilator but some of my clients are and I'd like to be able to understand them better than what a textbook may tell me.

  2. Hi Angela! So glad to see you back at blogging. Congrats on getting engaged! How exciting. Do you have a date picked out yet? Love the blog name too. That's one of my most favorite children's books.


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