Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Applying Those Bookworm Research Findings

You read quite a bit of compelling information in the previous post so now I am going to share with you a simple way to incorporate writing into your life. Right after I read Marina Koren's article, I thought to myself, "Why haven't I been journaling while I read?" I'm not talking of writing pages upon pages and reactions to everything you read. No, I am talking about writing down quotes and words that you want to remember.

Maybe you won't find something to write down every night or when you read, but hopefully you can get in the habit along with me. 
  • Keep a journal of some kind along with your book and whenever you come across words/sentences that speak to you, write them down! 
  • Share what you have written as that will further engage your mind with the book. Talk with a friend/co-worker/significant other etc., share via social media (I love using quotes as statuses!), use the words in a letter or note to someone, or create a piece of artwork inspired by those meaningful words, or your own unique way of sharing!
  • Enjoy going back and seeing what you have written. 
Here is what I'm doing:

Happy reading AND writing! Work that brain! 

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