Thursday, August 29, 2013

Book Recommendation: Lean In

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Book: Lean In: 
Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Copyright: 2013
Publisher: Random House LLC
Type: Personal read, inspiration for all educators and in general
Where to get it: Library (always!), Powell's, Barnes & Noble and

More information: I highly suggest you watch her thought provoking TED talk that she gave in December 2010. She discusses the three points in her speech more thoroughly in her book.

Check out the website

Why ~

Men and women of any age and industry should read this book! Ms. Sandberg did an excellent job of discussing the importance of women progressing in the workforce and being able to also have a family. She does not claim that women can have it all, but that there can be more of a balance at home and at a work. I particularly liked how Ms. Sandberg advocated for more respect for men as well as for women. Men need to feel as though they can be active in their home life without being marginalized at work.

Her book is incredibly insightful, engaging and honest. She brings light to a topic that is not talked about enough. Women hold very few top positions in companies and political positions around the globe. This needs to change because women need to be represented.  If you're a woman, you should read this book to be inspired and given practical advice. If you're a man, you should read this book for being reminded that women need your support in the work place and the home. Together, we can create a better future for generations after us -- erasing the social limitations on gender and creating a world where both men and women can have more satisfaction at home and at work.

Head to your local library or order a used copy!

Happy reading!

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